Celebrating Dedication and Passion: Rachel Hurst and Eric Harris

Celebrating Dedication and Passion: Rachel Hurst and Eric Harris

At Weaver Industries, people like Rachel Hurst and Eric Harris are at the heart of our mission. Their dedication, skills and passion show how much we care about empowering everyone, especially those with developmental disabilities. Rachel and Eric truly represent what Weaver stands for by staying focused on our goal of creating more opportunities for people with disabilities. Join us as we take a closer look at Rachel and Eric's stories and see how their contributions keep making Weaver's work meaningful and engaging.

Rachel Hurst, Board Member

Rachel holds a pivotal role as the current chairperson on our board, bringing a wealth of experience and a continual commitment to Weaver's mission. Rachel joined our board because she found inspiration in our mission of supporting people with disabilities. Rachel is the owner of H Cap Connect. With her entrepreneurial mindset, Rachel appreciates Weaver's business-like approach. Weaver prioritizes growth and impactful initiatives, which Rachel finds impressive.

Her journey with us began five years ago when Terry Fercana, a former board member, saw Rachel's talent in human resources. Rachel's can-do attitude, and her love for teamwork have helped us overcome many challenges, including navigating the pandemic over the past few years.

"Seeing the impact and the difference it makes has a big effect on the community,” said Rachel Hurst.

Eric Harris, Direct Support Professional

Eric Harris began his journey with us at Weaver SecurShred and has since become an integral member of our ProPak team. As a facility manager, Eric makes sure that clients are supported all while helping to keep the Weaver ProPak businesses running smoothly. Eric's kindness shines through in everything he does, and he loves making our clients feel happy and supported.  He’s looking forward to his upcoming retirement after spending the past 13 years helping clients fulfill their employment goals.

"Leaving them (our clients) behind tears me up," Eric expressed when discussing his retirement. "I like teaching them skills and providing them opportunities."

Even though Eric is retiring soon, his kindness and hard work will stay with us for a long time.

Both Rachel and Eric show what Weaver is all about – a community of people who care about making a difference in each other's lives. Their dedication, along with Weaver's history and mission, reminds us of the importance of kindness, inclusion and providing employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities. As we keep growing and helping more people, Rachel, Eric, and many others are leading the way to a brighter future for everyone.