Closing the Employment Gap for Individuals with Disabilities

Many employers today question how hiring individuals with disabilities will affect their business. For example, will worker accommodations help increase efficiency or reduce it? While these types of questions are hard to answer, they are valid from an employer's standpoint. Weaver Industries helps to close this gap and answer these questions between employers and potential employees with disabilities.

The goal

Many individuals with disabilities can be trained to enter the workforce with minimal loss of efficiency. After they gain the training, the difficult part is finding a permanent job. Weaver helps to do just that. 

Founded in 1971 as a non-profit organization that provides individuals with disabilities vocational training and employment opportunities, Weaver creates awareness around these individuals in the workforce to help spread understanding to employers. 

We provide program services to adults with disabilities who require assistance to obtain and maintain employment. Medicaid funds these programs and local funding sources to provide them free of charge.

Employment services

We offer multiple services to help these individuals regardless of their stage in the employment process. Organizational employment services are structured for individuals with significant disabilities and higher barriers to employment. This service helps to build work history and work skills.

Weaver’s supported employment services work in small groups supported by a supervisor at one or more locations in the community. We help to develop work skills, such as taking direction from supervisors and working independently and with others.

Community Group Employment works with area businesses to provide integrated community work. At host business locations, employees perform tasks that are the same or very similar to that business’ employees. Our clients work at a single work site where initial training, supervision and ongoing support are provided by an on-site supervisor. As clients learn to handle increased levels of responsibility, the level of direct supervision lessens.

Employment and Transition Services are designed to assist individuals who are ready to enter the workforce. These services are created for individuals who have expressed an interest in gaining competitive integrated employment. These services are tailored to each person’s interests, preferences and abilities.


Through our divisions, individuals with disabilities can gain work experience and understanding, transportation and networking with local companies open to hiring. However, identifying the needs of the individual and finding them the best-fit employer willing to accommodate any needs is a challenge. Weaver is committed to taking this challenge away from families by giving individuals the support and resources needed to find a job.


Inclusion in the workplace for individuals with disabilities can be challenging. That is why finding the right place of employment is crucial. Weaver trains and matches these individuals with companies who are open and willing to hire while also being inclusive well beyond the hiring process. Hiring individuals with disabilities can provide a more inclusive workplace while bringing joy to a company. In addition, inclusion allows these individuals to feel free to be themselves while succeeding at their job.


The most significant cause for an employment gap for those with disabilities is the opportunity to be trained and prepared to enter the workforce. Weaver helps to provide these services. From basic resume and job preparation to temporary job placement to gaining experience, we are committed to finding the right fit for all individuals. Taking them from beginning to end, individuals with disabilities gain a range of information that will help them to excel in the workforce. Also, we work to find compatible jobs that meet the individual’s needs and interests to ensure they are happy and comfortable in their chosen career.