How to Maximize Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Disabilities

While companies have made efforts to improve the workplace for those with disabilities, it is still not enough. Businesses must start evaluating their operations and looking for opportunities to include everyone. Qualified people come in many forms, and companies must create a supportive environment for all people.

Be inclusive

General Motors is an example of a company extending its inclusive culture by partnering with outside groups. The global chief diversity officer said that they have a disability advisory council that meets quarterly to focus on specific issues for the constituency. The company partners with groups like the Michigan Alliance on Autism and its pilot program.

Inclusivity can be managed differently, depending on the culture of the company. Some are like General Motors, while others include leadership in building messaging and awareness in different efforts. Either way, inclusion needs to be deeply ingrained in the culture, demonstrating togetherness and collaboration to ideate for the empowerment of the business.

Create awareness

Company-wide training on disability is crucial. It gives people a healthier environment and gives all employees peace of mind. When there is a welcoming environment, everyone feels valued and accepted.

Simple exposure to disability can set a tone for how people should be treated in the workplace. When everyone has a greater understanding, attitudes become more positive, and the stigma is removed around those with disabilities.

Recurring training sessions can bring familiarity to various circumstances, thereby removing toxic perceptions from persisting in the workplace. The more people engage with those with disabilities, the better. Everyone must genuinely understand that their abilities are not what makes them human; respect does.

Seek guidance

To build a diverse team, asking for help is an excellent place to start. Organizations like Weaver have programs in place for workers with disabilities. Through the county board of developmental disabilities, Weaver receives individuals who are eligible for employment opportunities. Weaver trains and coaches while placing them in different divisions. And those divisions work at various businesses.

You can provide individuals with disabilities employment by partnering with organizations like Weaver EarthCare, ProPak, SecurShred and TruClean. From grounds maintenance to environment-friendly cleaning, there is a division to help you build a diverse team and create a culture of inclusivity.