NDEAM: A Reminder of Inclusivity

Myths and stereotypes continue to create barriers for those with disabilities seeking employment. In honor of National Disability Awareness Month, we are reminding everyone of the contributions of America’s workers with disabilities by raising awareness of disability employment issues. One of those issues is an inclusive business environment for everyone.

What it takes to build an inclusive business culture

Evaluating your company’s policies

Equal employment opportunities should be presented to everyone as part of your company’s strategic mission. Therefore, start by developing policies that communicate why everyone must be committed to including workers with disabilities.

Creating a team-oriented environment 

To support the recruiting, hiring and advancement of people with disabilities, an organization can do this by building a team of allies. These members should include all types of employees, from executives to managers.

Educating and reinforcing inclusion

Regular communication is vital to reinforce that commitment to disability inclusion is crucial. Employees need to understand what that means and looks like, so it’s essential to provide regular training on the issues facing the disability community. The most important ones revolve around recruitment, promotion and retention.

Communicating inclusion to others

How inclusion is communicated to retain employees with disabilities will make a difference. In addition, your customers can evaluate organizations based on how people with disabilities are placed within the organization. The return on investment needs to be seen by those hiring people with disabilities, such as higher productivity, lower absenteeism and turnovers, and increased employee morale.

Learn how Weaver maximizes the independence and personal fulfillment of individuals with disabilities through community, business and family partnerships by following our upcoming blog posts. We’ll be discussing more on inclusion, along with “Spotlighting What’s Next.”