Spotlighting What’s Next: “Growing Together”

Weaver has celebrated 50 years of growing an impact throughout the community. From new programs to initiatives, we have taken the time to spotlight areas of business that have helped us fulfill our mission and maximize our impact. One of those areas is our employees.

DSP Nomination Winners

Weaver loves to highlight the dedication of the direct support workforce. So, we allowed co-workers to nominate DSPs to attend the 2022 Ohio Association of DSP recognition event. In this month’s blog post, we’re highlighting Julie Moye.

Julie Moye, Community Group Employment

“Julie is exceptional at being able to readjust, sometimes daily, to new job duties and environments. She is reliable and has an amazing work ethic. What makes this nomination so easy, though, is her compassion for each and every client. She is empathetic and understanding. She can easily ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ without judgment. She showcases strong leadership skills and is always helpful to anyone in need,” a Weaver employee said.

Moye works as a Direct Support Professional (DSP). Her responsibilities vary, as she visits all the Weaver ProPaks and community locations. Always on the move, she loves being busy and helping clients grow.

“This has been an eye-opening experience,” Moye said. “Some community locations are factories, and the clients train me how to do the job.”

She said that the passion and dedication of each client is impressive. “They truly love being in the community, and they just love what they do each day.” So, it’s no surprise they would show her a thing or two while assembling and packaging.

She initially got involved with Weaver because she was in the field for 17 years, starting at a group home in 2004. Moye left the group home to work at another local disability service provider. Because of COVID, she left the position. But after feeling a tug in her heart, she felt she needed to go in a different direction, which was back to helping those with disabilities.

Moye has a caring heart and is a mother of an 11-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter. She said that she was shocked to have received this nomination. She read it and started to cry. “I was like, ‘oh my gosh!’”

“It’s (Weaver) the best company I’ve ever worked for,” Moye said. “They are in it to see people succeed and do well. They give everyone a fair opportunity.”

After celebrating 50 years, we asked her where she would see us in the future. “Weaver will continue to grow and hire more people.”

Moye said that by being in the community and seeing how dedicated everyone is, there is no doubt that Weaver will continue to make opportunities. “They are all growing together.”