Spotlighting What’s Next: “Making a Difference”

Weaver has been spotlighting areas of business that have helped maximize impact and grow the mission. One of those areas is our employees, such as our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). Weaver allowed co-workers to nominate those DSPs who stood out to them. As an award, they got to attend the 2022 Ohio Association of DSP recognition event.

Meet Bernice Love, TruClean South

“Bernice has a good attitude, makes a big contribution to the Weaver organization, and has passion and excellent leadership qualities. Bernice is a perfectionist. I’ve worked with her for approximately ten years and learned a lot from her. She makes me a better DSP,” a Weaver employee said.

Love works as a DSP. Her responsibilities include supervising two crews: one at the army base and the other at the Ohio Department of Transportation. She said her team loves their job and is always willing to learn and do something new.

“I felt honored and special,” Love said in response to hearing how she was nominated. “I just do my job the best I can do.”

She said how her parents instilled a good work ethic. As a result, she also raised three daughters with great attitudes.

When asked what she liked about Weaver, she said, “Weaver is always progressing. I see the growth in everyone, and I love being part of their lives. I’m really making a difference.”

Love has been at Weaver for more than 11 years. She mentioned her previous jobs and said nothing compares to Weaver. She is making a real difference and loves her crew. “Being part of their lives has been very important to me.”