The Rise of Opportunities for People with Disabilities

How to Create a Plan for Success


Employment and personal goals can only be achieved when there are opportunities for people with disabilities. It’s through education, resources or employment that those with disabilities can gain support and guidance to help them succeed.


Many individuals with disabilities strive for financial independence. If employment opportunities are few and far between, these goals will be hard to reach. There are opportunities for people with disabilities to receive counseling and guidance when it comes to career and employment, such as Weaver’s Employment and Transition Services. By utilizing the counseling and resources available, individuals can choose and achieve their personal employment goals.


Setting Goals and Incorporating Interests


These goals may be based on a variety of factors. So, when developing employment goals, it is important to take into consideration the specific strengths and capabilities of each individual. These factors are important because the type of job they will apply for depends on their strengths and capabilities.


Interests also play a vital role in establishing employment goals. Understanding each person’s interests will help determine what goal to set for their employment. Through guidance counselors, the opportunities for people with disabilities will become more apparent.


Understanding the Priorities


As important as interests, strengths and capabilities are, it’s also important to consider other factors, such as resources, priorities and concerns. When creating employment goals for those with disabilities, priorities must be considered. Are they looking to improve their soft skills, gain experience or sharpen skills? Those preferences will play a large role in the goals that are set for them to achieve.


On the other hand, acknowledging concerns is essential, too. Concerns can be anything from medical to physical barriers. These concerns should be immediately addressed, so accommodations can be included in their plan.


Finding Available Resources


Resources are essential, as well. What each individual has available to them makes a difference when it comes to their employment goals. For example, do they have the ability to get to work? Transportation is a resource that should be taken into consideration when defining employment goals and seeking out opportunities.


The planning process is a vital component in finding opportunities for people with disabilities. This means that support, resources and understanding must be established to create an actionable career plan.


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