Why Hire a Person with Developmental Disabilities

Many people wonder how disability accommodations will affect their businesses. Will these accommodations add cost? Will they reduce efficiency? The list goes on, and these are valid questions. 

However, most accommodations cost nothing, and those that do are minimal. On top of minimal cost, these accommodations have proven to benefit companies in the long run. Benefits can include reduced insurance, training costs, and increased productivity and morale. In addition, creating a diverse environment and hiring those with disabilities will increase your competitive advantage and allow individuals to expand their skills and work experience. 

How does hiring people with disabilities increase competitive advantage? 

This is a question many business owners may ponder as they work towards diversity. There are many reasons why hiring those with disabilities will help improve a company’s competitive advantage. Think about it, those with disabilities have been problem-solving their entire lives as they navigate a world that has not always been accessible. Ultimately, they improve a company’s bottom line with their excellent problem-solving skills and intense loyalty. 

Aside from problem-solving abilities and a strong sense of loyalty, when hiring employees, it is essential to consider the potential and talents that those with disabilities bring to the table. Studies have shown that individuals with developmental disabilities are linked to higher productivity and increased creativity. In addition, employees with disabilities are innovative and offer new perspectives while overcoming obstacles or finding new ways of thinking. 

How can you improve your company's culture?

Corporate culture is a huge factor in retention, and those with disabilities encourage better corporate culture. This means that there is more workplace empathy, compassion and understanding regarding inclusion and diversity. It demonstrates how a company cares about and is dedicated to its social responsibility. 

What does inclusion mean within the workplace?

 Employers must understand that inclusion in the workplace continues beyond hiring. Companies should allow employees with disabilities the opportunities to be in leadership positions and grow in their roles at work. When employees feel valued by their workplace, morale will increase, and employees will want to stay. With that in mind, turnover decreases, saving companies time, money and resources in the long run. 

Hiring employees with disabilities will bring many benefits and joy to your workplace environment. Inclusion has the power not only to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities but also to improve the environment where you work every day. So, hire with inclusion, empathy and value in mind, and you will be satisfied with the results.