Employment and Transition Services

Few activities are more effective in providing people with a sense of engagement in the world around them than regular employment. Be it full-time, part-time, white-collar or blue-collar, having a job is one of the hallmarks of community integration.

Weaver’s Employment and Transition Services department offers services to support students (14 to 21 years) and adults who wish to transition – from children’s services, segregated employment or being unemployed – into competitive integrated employment. The services offered through this department will be tailored to assist each person with choosing employment outcomes based on their individual preferences, strengths, abilities and needs. Services include:

Job Readiness Training
Weaver staff will utilize various methods (i.e. community-based assessments, vocational evaluations, etc.) to determine each person’s “job readiness” and to make recommendations for any additional services deemed necessary to support them as they progress towards competitive integrated employment.

Services will help them develop the skills and abilities necessary to become successfully employed. Curriculum will focus on such areas as communication skills, social skills, problem solving and critical thinking

Job Development
Utilizing personal skills inventories, job shadowing, career exploration videos, speakers who work in various professions, etc., we will assist participants with identifying employment areas that fit best based on their needs, skills and abilities.

They will learn skills, such as how to develop a resume and a cover letter, learn interview and follow-up techniques, and determine the best way to address potential barriers.

In addition, they will work with a job developer to successfully identify and respond to potential job opportunities. The job developer will work with participants to identify and contact businesses, apply to and interview with potential employers, follow-up on applications and, when necessary, negotiate the hire.

Job Coaching
Once they are hired by a company, a job coach will support them in learning their job tasks, as well as all other aspects of employment within their new workplace.

After the participant settles into their new position, and technical and natural supports have been developed, the job coach will begin to fade. If necessary, a job coach may provide intermittent check-in with the participant and employer to address any issues that may impact employment. Job coaches will also be available to provide assistance, if needed, to learn new tasks or to adjust to a new promotion.

All services offered through this department will be tailored to each individual’s interests, preferences and abilities. Weaver’s Employment and Transition Services department can identify and access the services, supports and resources necessary to achieve each person’s desired community employment outcome.