A Look at Entrepreneurship During COVID-19

Businesses everywhere have been changing their go-to-market strategies because of COVID-19. In fact, some are still trying to recover from the lockdown. Weaver is no exception. But what you didn’t know is that Weaver thrives on entrepreneurship. Perseverance during a time of crisis is something the team was able to handle because entrepreneurialism is a way of life for the organization.

Weaver and job development

It is fascinating to watch leaders like Jeff Johnson speak with his team about job development because it’s more than pitching positions to companies. Jeff walks his team through business development strategies every day when creating work for individuals with developmental disabilities. 

Weaver’s divisions are basically businesses producing work for local companies. Some of the work you can expect to see Weaver clients do include:

Weaver can provide jobs because of the types of businesses they create internally to support other businesses. Even though they are part of Weaver, these divisions run and operate like businesses of their own. So, while Ohio was on lockdown, Weaver was faced with many challenges and really showcased how they got back to the grassroots of entrepreneurialism.

It’s more than a job

While there are some who dread going to work, Weaver clients really enjoy it. It’s a way to provide purpose and for them to feel included within the community. Weaver aims to maximize the independence and personal fulfillment of individuals with disabilities through community, business and family partnerships. Re-opening these divisions was top of mind for the leadership team because it’s much more than a job.



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