We are Weaver

If there is one thing we can take away from 2020, it is the concept of “unity.” This past year has been difficult for many; but, as Weaver continues to work through it, we truly believe that we are all “In This Together.”

A collaboration between businesses

Weaver works hard to keep its business divisions thriving so our employees with disabilities can have a place to find fulfillment. Our campaign this year is titled, “It’s More Than a Job.” The reason why we say this is because many of our employees with disabilities look at their work as something more than a paycheck. Their job provides them with community, socialization, a sense of belonging and opportunities to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Staying connected

During this time of uncertainty, Weaver wanted to ensure that our employees felt connected, so we created a Facebook group to offer a platform for communicating with coworkers and supervisors. It was evident in the group how much people missed being able to attend work during the COVID-related shutdown.

Our business divisions

Weaver has several business divisions. Those divisions run and operate like businesses and people with developmental disabilities work for them. Some of the work they do includes:

Each division is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities by providing them with vocational training and opportunities for employment.

Reaching out

Weaver works with businesses to assist them in identifying opportunities for diversity by including employees with disabilities in their workforce. who will perform their jobs at a maximum level. Because of how clients view their positions, they can be some of the best employees. And during a time when businesses need to re-open and get operations running smoothly again, Weaver wants to help them by identifying areas where clients can help the most.

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